Tips On How To Get Rare Pokemons In Pokemon Indigo

Pokemon Indigo is an online game in the Pokemon series. Just like other games in the series, the game is focused on capturing and training Pokemons in order to become the game’s strongest trainer.

To form a strong party of Pokemon you need to have a well-rounded group that will include at least one rare or legendary Pokemon. While they are important, rare units are not only tough to find, but they are also difficult to catch. Although, this is the case, here are tips on how to find the rare units:

Search in hidden areas

You can’t find the rare units when you first start the game. This is because they are usually locked away or blocked by an obstacle. As a result of this you have to complete a significant milestone for you to access the areas where the units are located.

When you complete an important portion of the game you should thoroughly search the area until you find a Pokemon. If you don’t find the unit in that area, you should aim at completing other milestones to access the units. You should also take upon yourself to learn a move such as Cut that will allow you to easily find the units.

Be strong when attacking a Pokemon

Once you have seen a unit, you should attack strongly to prevent it from escaping. This is because it has been shown that the units tend to easily run away if they are not damaged quickly; therefore, when you come across any you should attack immediately.

While it’s recommended that you attack strongly when you see a rare Pokemon, you should avoid killing it in one hit. To be on the safe side you should throw a Pokeball (or another variation of it). When the Pokeball hits the unit, it will affect the unit’s health status and as a result you will easily catch it when it’s low on health.

One of the best Pokeballs to use is the Masterball. The good side with this ball is that it’s available in almost all Pokestores and it’s easy to use. It also easily catches the Pokemon.


These are tips on how to get rare Pokemons in the Pokemon Indigo game. As you can see the tips are easy to follow; however, if you come across problems in putting the tips into practice, you should visit the many online resources that will give you free guidan